Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane

Alfa Air Conditioning Brisbane are experts at installing ducted air conditioning. This is a premium option that offers convenient and versatile climate control for your home year-round. The benefits include:

  • heating or cooling your entire home at the touch of a button
  • quiet operation
  • discreet appearance
  • wi-fi for remote control
  • cost-efficiency both in running costs and maintenance
  • versatile temperature control for each individual zone in your household.

Ducted air conditioning system Brisbane

Ducted air conditioning systems are an innovative solution to the heating and cooling of your home. Its discrete nature, energy efficiency and technologically advanced system makes it desirable for modern homeowners. Adding effective air regulation to your home is made easy with our practical services. Invest in a ducted air conditioning system to be one step ahead today!


Why are Alfa air the experts in Ducted Air conditioning Brisbane?

Our team at Alfa air, delivers specialised solutions to your home. Equipped with high quality units and tools for its installation. We put your ideals first, with our friendly team understanding all your concerns in order to deliver a practical ducted air conditioning system. Catering to all your residential or commercial needs. We carry various reputable brands such as: Fujitsu, Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Samsung. 


Our years of expertise deliver the most suitable and practical ducted air conditioning models to your home. We are completely licensed alongside our 5 year manufacturers and 2 year installation warranty. Contact us now for a free quote via our phone number or online form! 


Ducted Air conditioning installation Brisbane

At Alfa air, we deliver exceptional ducted air conditioning installation services. Providing the most discrete and efficient air regulation system. Our expert team will deliver a thorough consultation in order to tailor the most customised solution to your home. We understand that every home is different, which is why we put your needs first. Ducted air conditioning systems are installed underneath the floor or in the roof, without obstructing your interior design. As well as a compressor and condenser installed outdoors. 


How does ducted air conditioning Brisbane work?

A central unit is in charge where the air is cleaned, then distributed to multiple ducts through fans into each room or zone. The conditioned air is either heated or cooled, working through vents or diffusers. Zones are a highly practical and simplified feature of air conditioning. It allows for one room to be regulated at a time, providing temperature or air flow levels based on individual needs. Ducted air conditioning functions via the usage of a remote control or a mobile app. Providing convenience at the click of a button!


Ducted Air conditioning repairs Brisbane

There are various common issues regarding ducted air conditioning damage. Often occurring as a result of a lack of maintenance, faulty air conditioning installation or weather related events such as heavy rain. Some issues include: unhygienic ducts or filters clogged with impurities, object obstruction of an air duct not allowing air to flow, unsuitable ducted air conditioning for example a system too big or small can result in inefficient air regulation or energy loss,  as well as faulty insulation resulting in leaking and insufficient airflow. 


Our expert team at Alfa Air, along-side high quality tools and years of industry experience, delivers exceptional repair services to our clients. There is no issue too large for us to handle! Contact us to maintain a smoothly running air conditioning system today!


Signs of Ducted Air conditioning damage in Brisbane

Ducted Air conditioning damage can be hard to spot for the average homeowner. It is crucial to be informed of the various signs, in order to ensure the smooth functionality of your system. Some signs of damaged Ducted Air conditioning include: 


Ducted Air conditioning maintenance Brisbane

Our maintenance services at Alfa Air, are vital to preserving the efficiency of your ducted air conditioning system. To avoid costly repairs, higher energy bills and contaminated air.  It is necessary to service your system at minimum every 12 months. Along with this, it’s vital to take maintenance measures yourself. These include: 


What are the advantages of a Ducted Air Conditioning system Brisbane?

The innovation of a Ducted Air conditioning system delivers a plethora of advantages to your home! As a result, our highly effective installation and maintenance services of your air conditioning system are necessary to reap all the benefits. Some advantages include:


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Ducted system air conditioning installation

We have helped 1000s of homes and businesses with their ducted system installations.

No job too big or small
Quality installations
30+ years experience
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Residential split system

We are passionate about helping you find the best climate solution for your home.

No job too big or small
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Highest quality workmanship

Our qualified hard-working technicians will ensure all work is of the highest standard and exceeds our customer’s expectations.

No job too big or small
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Unparalleled customer service

Alfa Air will go the extra mile to ensure you have the best possible outcome for your home.

No job too big or small
Quality installations
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We provide high-quality installation, maintenance and service

We take your budget into consideration and will put our best foot forward to work out a suitable air conditioning solution for you.

Ducted Air Conditioning Service In Brisbane

Air Conditioning Brisbane can help you customise a solution for Ducted Air Conditioning to suit every home and budget, with free quoting and efficient and friendly service from quote through to installation.

We only install reputable brands, so you have the peace of mind of a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty and 2-years installation warranty.

Our fuss-free installations will limit the disturbance to your household or workplace. We send a team of friendly and helpful installers who will get the job done efficiently, usually in under four hours.


Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane Services

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